10 min

The Grand Mother

The Great Spideress catches drops of sunlight on her web and collects them in a large jar. From one of these drops, she creates the first Man to raise him and teach him life. They are like Mother and Son to each other. When the Boy reaches adulthood and the jar is completely filled, the Spideress takes him to a secret cave where he has never been before. In it, stand sculptures of creatures similar to Him - Humans , woven from a spider's web. Using a drop of sunlight, the Spideress gives life to the first Woman. The three of them bring the rest of the sculptures to life. After leading everyone out of the cave it's time to say goodbye. Spideress watches with pride as her Son departs as the leader of a new people, beginning a new chapter in worlds' history.

The story focuses on the relationship between the Mother and Child. Both grow to the point where their paths must part.

Short Films IV - Female directorsOct 14, 16:00 at Ísafjarðarbíó
Short Films IIOct 14, 20:00 at Kaupfélagið Súðavík
Julia Hazuka
Blanka Prewencka
Other credits
Music: Kacper Krupa
Audio effects: Kacper Krupa, Julia Hazuka
Edition of scenography: Ania Malinowska
Artistic supervision: Jacek Adamczak, Paweł Prewencki
Design consultant: Maja Wolna
Painting consultant: Tomasz Kalitko, Krzysztof Mętel