PIFF 2023 award winner
  • Best directing - Galia Osmo in Animated films category
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10 min

One Last Wish

The Fisherman and the Fish folk tale comes to life, in a bitter-sweet animation. A lonely fisherman has a magical goldfish, who granted him three wishes. He already used two wishes to help others in need. Now he is facing a grave decision; after accidentally killing a stranger, he has to choose whether to keep his last wish and stay a murderer. Or to use it to save a stranger's life, but in doing so he will lose the only thing that truly matters, his friend.

Short Films IV - Female directorsOct 14, 16:00 at Ísafjarðarbíó
Galia Osmo
Gera Sandler
Ohad Knoller
Eli Haviv
Nily Avni
Other credits
Original story: Etgar Keret
Animator: Galia Osmo
Lighting director: Lee Klein
Sound design: Eran Barkani
Original music: Alberto Shwartz
Editor: Editor
Colorist: Yair Nahshon
Special effects: Or Kantor, Ori Kagan
Edit advisers: Sharon Barkani, Tal Brog
Art direction: Galia Osmo
Artistic adviser: Emi Sfard
Animation adviser: Debora Cywiner
Additional Lighting: Ilia Feldshtein
CGI: Yula Surin
Props assistant: Idan Gilboa
Additional animation: Debora Cywiner
Song: “Mozel Tov” (Pront-Brown) performed by Simkhe Fostel