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Stalking Chernobyl

Stalking Chernobyl: exploration after apocalypse — directed by Iara Lee (a Cultures Of Resistance film) — a documentary that examines the underground culture of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Three decades after the world's most infamous nuclear disaster, illegal hiking adventurers (known as “stalkers”), extreme sports afficionados, artists, and tour companies have begun to explore anew the mysterious, ghostly landscape, where trees and forest animals have reclaimed land abandoned by villagers. Even as survivors continue to reckon with a dishonest government’s attempts to cover up the extent of the disaster, and as humanity faces new nuclear incidents in place like Fukushima, the Chernobyl site has turned into a bizarre tourist attraction, drawing seekers with a taste for the post-apocalyptic.

Short Films IIOct 13, 22:00 at Ísafjarðarbíó
Iara Lee
Aleksey Moskalenko Alexander Esaulov Alexandr Kupnyi Anton Yuhimenko Barbara Handrychová Bohdana Smyrnova Denis Vishnevskiy Evgeniy Alimov Evghen Chkalov Guido Van Helten Igor Pasko Kirill Stepanets Kristina Balchenko Lucas Brunelle Nes Spoon Oleg Shalashov Oleg Tyschenko Priest Ivan Shepida Sasha Oidenko Serega Strange Sergei Sergei Sebok Sergey Tracer Sergii Mirnyi Stanislav Menzelevskyi Stanislav Polessky Tania Bespalko Thierry Vanhuysse Vadim Vadim Softenko Valentina Ivanova Sachenok Veronika Victoria Polesskaya Vlad Vozniuk Yakov Zhurba Yuri Yuriy Formichev