4 min


Central is a captivating, short documentary based on never used material filmed in 2009 at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw, capturing the essence of transition and the search for identity amidst a changing world. As the outdated station prepares for modernization in compliance with European Union guidelines, we are introduced to our main character, a 17-year-old gay man struggling with personal issues and a reluctance to return home.

The film artfully juxtaposes the stillness of travelers waiting for their trains against the protagonist's emotional turmoil. He expresses his fear of the rumored 2012 apocalypse and his desire to learn how to live like "normal" people in the limited time he believes he has left.

Edited and released in 2023, "Central" is a poignant reminder of the continuous evolution of both society and the individual. With the end of the world having never come to pass, the documentary stands as a testament to the power of hope, adaptation, and personal growth.

Short Films VOct 14, 22:00 at Ísafjarðarbíó
Michał Biliński
Other credits
Cinematography: Jakub Dobiasz