PIFF 2023 award winner
  • Best film in Children's films category
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90 min

Alfons Jitterbit – Class Trip Chaos!

In a last-minute dash across town, Alfons just barely manages to catch the bus for his class trip to the Baltic Sea. In his luggage: lots of adventures, funny pranks and … disaster - his mother's clothes?! Alfons can’t believe he accidentally mixed up the suitcases, just when he was planning on showing his new classmate Leonie how cool he is.

In a desperate bid to impress her - and to the astonishment of his best friends Benni and Emilia - Alfons comes up with a bright idea: he will run for class president. Unfortunately, his arch-enemy Nico immediately realizes that Alfons is only doing it to impress Leonie and challenges him to a stupid bet. So, the fun continues and Alfons' fate as an eternal jinx takes its usual course! To make matters worse, his teacher Herr Flickendorf is just waiting for something to go wrong so he can pounce and send Alfons home.

Flying macaroni with tomato sauce, exciting nights around the campfire and a dangerous climbing tour turn the class trip into one that Alfons and his friends will never forget.

Alfons Jitterbit – Class Trip Chaos!Oct 15, 14:00 at Ísafjarðarbíó
Mark Schlichter
Luis Vorbach
Alexandra Maria Lara
Leopold Ferdinand Schill
Leni Deschner
Sam Riley