Thursday at 22:00
October 12th
120 min

It Came From The Water

Director: Xawery Żuławski

A group of high school graduates, sick and tired of lockdowns and online schooling, decide to head to the seaside for a party to remember with the usual cocktail: the beach, the dancing, the sex, and the zombies. A little party that killed everybody

Fed up with pandemics, quarantines, and news about ecological disasters, worried about their own uncertain future and the fate of the world, a group of high school students are invited by Kamil, a millionaire's son, to a party at his father's seaside estate.

Already on their way there each of the characters experiences strange adventures, while the party itself represents the culmination of mounting fears about what might happen to the Earth if we do not stop polluting it. Minute by minute, things begin to spiral out of control...

APOKAWIXA (native title) is a story about Mother Earth taking revenge on people, who turn into eco-zombies after contact with pollution in the Baltic Sea. An ecological-apocalyptic story about coming of age.

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